A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

Sounds like a good combo to me, right? We receive oh so many engagement submissions. And sadly we can’t put all of them on the blog even though they’re ALL gorgeous. You brides out there are bonkers for your wedding inspiration and so we try to stick to as much of that as possible. But every once and awhile I like to put some down-to-earth, super sweet engagement photos up. Especially when they’re submitted to us by La Belle Bride readers! Suzannah sent us her lovely engagement photos and I loved the excitement and passion from her email. Here are some excerpts for you:

engagement photos A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

IMG 8441 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

I love plaid and classic Oregon camping scenes, so we did plaid shirts and a Pendleton plaid blanket with Jason’s guitar, hanging out in a woodsy area. It felt fun and natural and contemporary, and has a cozy trans-seasonal thing even though we did the pics in summer. We goofed off a little and I played some guitar, even though I don’t really play! He and I love to sing together so we had to include some funky guitar pics. He’s been writing me songs since we started dating when we were 16.

IMG 8506 2 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.IMG 8558 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

I was our stylist for all these, I guess you could say, and I also wanted to do something pretty and romantic in the fields in late summer. I wore a dress I made inspired by a ModCloth cute one, with a little bit of vintage charm from the lace and full skirt. I wasn’t going for any era in particular, so I pulled out a bunch of random things for my fiancé to wear, and he didn’t quite get the look we were going for right away–he thought I was nuts, but he was a good sport about it! These pics were a little more formal and posed, but there’s still some silly ones from that day, of me pulling on his tie and joking, of him snapping his suspenders, putting the hat on me, lifting me up in the air, us holding both hands and spinning, etc.! He’s a goofball and I love it. But we also got some very pretty pics of us, and we were so lucky to find a hammock and a vintage VW bug! Some of the pics from this set look great in black and white or the “vintage” look from iPhoto.

IMG 9567 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.IMG 9432 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

A few days later, we did a shoot at Powell’s, a landmark bookstore in Portland and one of our favorite hangouts. I was inspired by the look of Mad Men, which of course is rather a depressing inspiration for a relationship, and whenever I watch the show I’m so happy to have a healthy and communicative relationship with my fiancé. But that’s not the point–anyway, I love the style of the early 60’s and made this cool blue dress of vintage fabric from a vintage pattern to go with the look. It’s fun to have some stylish photos that sort of don’t go out of style, since the look is already vintage! It’s a classic look, I guess, and we had fun doing love-ey poses in clothes we’re not used to. I was actually wearing a girdle! And I looove the leopard print Steve Madden heels I wore, but don’t get to wear them out much, so I’m glad we got the feet shot!

IMG 9432 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.engagement photos 1 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.
IMG 9127 A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

pixel A Little Picnic. A Little Mad Men.

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