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Panama City Beach weddings

We love us a destination wedding. Because why wait until the honeymoon to start your tropical beach vacay? Panama City Beach, Florida is an awesome spot for a destination wedding. It’s beautiful, fun, and—perhaps most importantly—stress-free for the bride, groom, and all your guests. It’s really only a hop, skip, and a jump away if you live in the States. And no matter where you’re traveling from, you can easily fly straight to this beachy destination with its brand new airport.

palm beach 2 Panama City Beach weddings

There are also dozens of venues and spots to say ‘I do’ in Panama City Beach. You can get married right on the sand on a secluded stretch of beach, or recite your vows on a grand lawn adorned with oak trees and gazebos. Elegant indoor ballrooms more your style? They’ve got that too. Venues in the area are notoriously easy to work with, and they’ll even help you plan your whole shindig from start to finish.

Here’s a little tour of the kind of panoramic views and epic sunsets you’re gonna experience for yourself…

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Ten Wedding Registry Items You Should Add

 Ten Wedding Registry Items You Should Add

How much fun are you having building your wedding registry? You’ve been meticulously planning out the perfect registry for months, and are all set with your beautiful dinnerware, your complete flatware set, new towels, that amazing mint colored mixer, and those adorable napkins. Now all the things you have been coveting for you new home will soon be yours!

You might think you have everything you need, but we have a few  you might have missed. Here are our ten registry items we think you should add to your Macy’s Wedding Registry, that you may have forgotten about.

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Wedding Gifts For The Mother Of The Bride

With Mother’s Day around the corner, what better time to show your gratitude to the mother of the bride (or groom for that matter!) for all the effort and time she has put into planning with you? Or perhaps just showing her that you appreciate her support?

I put together some of my favourite gift ideas for the mother of the bride. Now, let it be said I am a sentimental soul, so memories impact heavily in my gift giving!

 Wedding Gifts For The Mother Of The Bride

1. This Wedgwood Vera Wang Photo Frame from Peters Of Kensington is a classic and I love the idea of presenting it empty ready for a wedding day photo of you together on your wedding day.

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How do you deal with potentially homophobic guests at your gay-friendly wedding?

My future husband and I were recently trying to pare down the guest list again (for the 3000th time) and decided to eliminate some non-essential people that we feel have acted homophobic in the past. I like these people, but I don’t want any guest at my wedding to feel uncomfortable because some drunk guy in the corner is having a hard time with LGBTQ people dancing and making merriment together.

It’s not that I think these bad-belief people would cause a scene, but I would be heartbroken if one of them said something as a side comment that was overheard by one of my friends, or if I overheard something like that — because I would be angry, and sad, and possibly throwing things.

So the homophobic-tendency people are off the list, and I can live with that — but what if this happens anyway, because I missed someone on the list with views I didn’t know about?

I know I can’t control the moral judgements of all of my guests, but I am not sure what to do if this situation arises at the wedding. I hope I am being anxious for no reason, but I guess I want to have a plan if this really happens. Ordinarily, when I hear someone say something homophobic, I respond. I get that I will likely be too busy to notice, but it would crush me to hear about it later.

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Rustic Washington wedding: Julia + Jeffrey

17 Apr

Rustic Washington wedding 1 Rustic Washington wedding: Julia + Jeffrey

It’s not everyday that we have a bride + groom who are both identical twins. Pretty crazy, huh?! As Julia tells us, that made for some very memorable photo ops and speeches throughout the evening. (We can only imagine!) But doppelgangers aside, Jeff + Julia’s wedding was full of rustic yet elegant details that really captured their country-meets-city vibe. And thanks to Katie Price Photography, we all get to see it…

Rustic Washington wedding 12 Rustic Washington wedding: Julia + Jeffrey

Rustic Washington wedding 21 Rustic Washington wedding: Julia + Jeffrey

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Ask Jessica: Wedding Vows for Him

askjessica Ask Jessica: Wedding Vows for Him

Dear Jessica,


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